12:00 PM12:00

Hemp Seed Sourcing & Cultivation


Jen Gilbert Jenkins - Assistant Professor of Agricultural Science at Morrisville State College

What you will learn at this forum:

  • How to decide which type of Hemp you are going to grow (Extracts, Fiber, Grain)

  • How to source seed, & mitigate the risks of receiving poor quality seed

  • How to plant, cultivate, & harvest the crop

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12:00 PM12:00

Hemp Processing & Product Development


Jared Nelson - Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at SUNY New Paltz

Stephen Halton - CEO of CNY Hemp Processing Inc.

What you will learn at this forum:

  • How to Determine the Quality of the Fiber & Grain

  • What Does It Take to Process Fiber & Grain

  • What Types of Products Can Be Made & How Can They Be Developed

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