Again harvesting hemp will be variety specific, so consult your product manufacturer. Though in most cases the entire plant will be cut down & bundled, either for the flower or the fiber. Or the grain will be harvested using a combine. 


To harvest fiber there are multiple methods farmers are using, including Sickle Bars & Rotary Cutters. 

Once the stalks are cut down, can be bailed. 

If you are seeking ideal straight fibers for manufacturing, you may wish to use a Reaper-Binder.


When harvesting grain you with want to use a combine. Using a combine currently however comes with its own issues.

Harvesting hemp isn’t necessarily easy business, unless expensive specialized equipment is purchased. 

When it comes to using a combine there are few factors to consider

        • Height of the header:

          • Depending on your variety, the cluster of seeds can be found to start as high at 5 feet, which not all combines may be capable of achieving

        • Prevent Binding Up The Mechanical System

          • One of the sought after qualities of hemp fiber, is the strength. This however makes harvesting more challenging, as fibers pass can get caught up in the mechanics of the combine.

          • On top of the strong fibers, the plant is highly resinous, which creates an even more likely scenario in which binding is encountered.

Many Hemp Farmers who use unmodified combines go by this rule of thumb: 

“Go until you smell smoke, then stop & clean out the fibers from the combine”