Though there are a variety of genetics suppliers around the world. It can be difficult to source seed, depending on what you need to grow & where you are located.

There are two factors which play into this difficulty:

  1. The regulations, or lack there of regarding hemp

  2. The shortage of local seed production in the states

Though the intricacies differ by state. Below is some information to get you started.

  1. Are you sourcing the seed from within the country or internationally?

sourcing internationally

Though this will change. It may be easier to source your seed from international sources. Because the seed supplies are larger, more diverse, & generally have stricter quality control.

Due to the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, Hemp seed can now be imported without a DEA Import License, allowing individuals & businesses to import seed from international sources.

Sourcing Nationally

Due to the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act, Hemp Seed & Live Plants can be transported across state lines, regardless of whether or not the state has a Hemp program in place. 

While there are regulations in place. Not all Seeds are certified, so be cautious when purchasing, as there are many sources with low quality seed, which will likely give you no crop, a low quality crop, or a hot crop. Buy uncertified seed at your own risk.


Though prices will vary based on what you are growing & where you are sourcing your seed.

For Grain or Fiber (Bast/Hurd) seed you should expect between 3-8$ per pound.

While for CBD Hemp seeds, you are looking at a minimum price of 1$ per seed.