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Though there are a variety of genetics suppliers around the world. It can be difficult to source seed, depending on what you need to grow & where you are located.

There are two factors which play into this difficulty:

  1. The regulations, or lack there of regarding hemp

  2. The shortage of local seed production in the states

Though the intricacies differ state by state, & you should check with your local policies (<link to regulations page). Below is some information to get you started.

  1. Are you sourcing the seed from within the country or internationally?

sourcing internationally

Though this will change. It may be easier to source your seed from international sources.

a) Seed supplies are larger, more diverse, & generally have stricter quality control.

b) Generally easier to import from international sources vs from another state.

Though Hemp has been removed from the controlled substances act, there is still no official word on how the importation of seed from international sources will be affected. While it may not be required going forward, we still recommend applying for one, until official language surfaces.

The difficulty with this is, it is highly unlikely an individual or your average business will be able to acquire one. Thus you are required to work with an entity which is likely to receive such a document. Such as universities, state governments, or large businesses.

Sourcing Nationally

Though the DEA lack the funding to prosecute anyone from carrying live or active hemp — plantable seed, clones, etc — across state borders. It is still not 100% legal to do so. 

While there are regulations in place. The hemp industry is very similar to the wild west. As long as you know the risk & how to mitigate it. You can transport live hemp across state borders, at your own risk. 


Though prices will vary based on what you are growing & where you are sourcing your seed.

For Grain or Fiber (Bast/Hurd) seed you should expect between 4-8$ per pound.

While for CBD Hemp seeds, you are looking at a minimum price of 1$ per seed.